What motivates us?

We’re motivated by the hope that our services can steer another New Zealand business on the road to recovery. If closure must happen we aim to make the process as painless as possible – financially, legally and emotionally.

What makes us unique?

We are a small team of genuinely passionate people, whose knowledge of business insolvency can’t be matched. Our uniqueness is also evident in our approachable, caring, down-to-earth manner – at least, that’s what our clients say.

How were we established?

BWA Insolvency was founded 20 years ago with Bryan Williams' desire to help businesses in times of crisis. Armed with his past experiences as a businessman and his MBA & MComLaw qualifications, Bryan began his insolvency resolve.

Who do we help?

We’ve helped businesses from all walks of life – from small entrepreneurs to large corporates, from the top of the North Island right down to the bottom of the South Island. We’ve met and assisted some amazing business people.

Do we welcome referrals?

We work closely with business professionals such as accountants and lawyers who feel confident in referring their clients to us for insolvency expertise.

Can you call for a chat about your options?

Absolutely. We offer a free and confidential consultation, with no pressure to commit to anything.

Meet the Team

Bryan Williams, Principal

Bryan started BWA over 20 years ago. Armed with his own experience in running businesses and his academic legal know-how, Bryan identified a real need to assist businesses in times of crisis. If your business needs help, you need Bryan in your corner. He knows the law, and he can use it to help untangle even the most complex of insolvency matters. Bryan has a Masters in Commercial Law, an MBA and a Diploma in Business. In his spare time, Bryan is a sensei at his local karate club.

Gary Meynell, Insolvency Manager

Gary has a lifelong interest in technology. He has worked for Dick Smith Electronics and NZ Post, and ran his own internet-based business in Australia for eight years. An enthusiastic learner, Gary has a degree in business management from the University of Waikato. At BWA his skills in Excel, administration and finance are put to good use assisting our clients.

Julia Norton, Practice Manager

Julia ensures the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. When Julia is not greeting you on the phone or front desk, she finds time to manage clients’ trust funds, distribution to creditors and maintain business records. Julia’s lovely nature is contagious – even her cats and chickens live in harmony!

Jaya Kumar, Personal Assistant

Originally from India, Jaya has had a thirst for knowledge, and achieved a master’s degree in physics and a bachelor’s degree in education. She worked as a secondary school teacher in India before deciding that office administration was her chosen path. She spent time gaining some experience in this field before moving to New Zealand in 2015.

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Pip Halton, Insolvency Manager

Pip studied at Massey University and has a Bachelor of Design Degree (Majoring in Industrial Design). She has worked as a product development engineer for over 6 years and was running the product development department for a major firm.

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