Liquidation is the end of a company’s life. This is sometimes the only option if creditors can’t be paid and there is no other way to push for the survival of the business.

If liquidation does occur

It is important to appoint a liquidation specialist that you can trust.

Their role is to report to the Companies Office, and sell and distribute assets to creditors according to the law.

Here at BWA Insolvency, we understand this is a difficult time. We will walk you and your creditors through the process and ensure that everyone is up to speed, every step of the way.

Creditor court order

In some situations, a creditor may apply to liquidate a company with a court order. If this occurs, you have ten days to appoint a liquidator or enter into Voluntary Administration.

If this has happened to you, contact us immediately so we can talk you through your options. If you don’t act, you face having the court appoint the liquidator (who is often chosen by the creditor you owe money to) and they are far less supportive.

BWA Insolvency strives for a fair outcome for you while providing all the support you need from a liquidation specialist. We make sure the process doesn’t drag on so that we can help relieve you of the burden of liquidation. We’re in your corner till the end.

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