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Company Restructuring

Finding a path forward with restructuring and rehabilitation

Insolvency often occurs as a consequence of trading losses.

In most cases, these trading losses occur because the business model is no longer viable. Business reconstruction is about returning the company to profitability so that it can overcome challenges and return to viability.

What is company restructuring?

In New Zealand, company restructuring refers to the process of making significant changes to the structure, operations and financial aspects of a company in order to address financial difficulties and ensure long-term viability. Business restructuring may include refinancing, debt restructuring, asset sales, organisational changes, and operational improvements. The goal of company reconstruction is to create a more resilient and successful company that can effectively navigate market dynamics and achieve financial stability.

Addressing insolvency with company restructuring

In a dynamic marketplace, businesses are susceptible to various pressures that disrupt viability and impede growth. Fluctuating consumer demands, competitive forces, regulatory constraints, and the consequences of management decisions all contribute to economic stress. This is where company restructuring plays a crucial role.

Company restructuring involves understanding the core viability of an organisation and then reshaping its structure to align with those needs. It is a legal process, often facilitated through Voluntary Administration and follows a business to continue operations while addressing underlying issues. Company restructuring aims to restore profitability, overcome trading losses, and create sustainable surpluses for stakeholders.

BWA Insolvency - Company restructuring experts

When navigating the complexities of company restructure, having the right partner by your side is essential.

BWA Insolvency brings extensive knowledge of the law and three decades of experience in insolvency services.

We ensure that your restructuring process aligns with legal requirements. Our reputation within the industry helps build trust and confidence with suppliers and stakeholders. We understand the personal impact or insolvency and our commitment is to provide support and guidance as we navigate the restructuring process together.

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