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Are you facing slow cash flow, mounting creditor claims and supplier cuts? It can be difficult to make decisions for your business beyond day-to-day survival – let alone see a way out. But the earlier you seek professional help, more likely it is that your business will survive.

At BWA Insolvency, we work with you to find your way forward. Creditors often respond better to independent representatives who understand the legal implications. The result is a solution that enhances the interests of all parties.

We take the time to really
understand your business.
We want businesses to survive. We use our unique knowledge of Voluntary Administration to produce the best possible outcome for everyone.
We’re approachable, caring and
down-to-earth. This is what our
clients say they like about us.
We’re insolvency law experts. We
know the requirements of the law and the
obligations that need to be met.
We work with businesses
of all shapes and sizes,
anywhere in New Zealand.
We treat our clients
with the utmost care
and confidentiality.
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Want to know more? Watch our video to find out how we helped Pacific Scaffolding and Cartune Auto Services. We look forward to helping your business too.

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Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation chat about your situation. We can advise you on the best options available.

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